Thursday, May 4, 2006

Good Signs

So far, it appears to be working.

Yesterday, I had two tbsps of oil. I didn't feel like eating breakfast (usually a cup of oatmeal). I had a small lunch ... apple and some pasta soup. For dinner, I only ate one helping (waffle, 3 small sausages and a little bit of eggs). But later that night, I had a cup of yogurt and some crackers. I think the yogurt and crackers were out of boredom.

This morning's weigh-in ... 216.8. That's the lowest I've been since December. In the recent years, I've been as low as 212. So when I drop below 212, it will be significant.

If I go to the gym tomorrow, I'll post a report. But if I don't go, then I'll post an update on Tuesday the 9th.

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