about work, death and perfection

rockyrook.com is a fraction of my thoughts written in blog format.

it is an attempt at improving my writing.

it is a tool to keep me focused.

it is a method of sharing information and ideas with others.

why the title "work, death, perfection"?

the human is meant to work
we study, we improve, we labor with our hands, we build, we debate, we engage, we are tested, we strive.  all of this is work.

every day, we die a little and take a step closer to death
marcus aurelius has said, 'death hangs over thee. while thou livest, while it is in thy power, be good.'  seneca has similarly said, 'for we are not suddenly smitten and laid low; we are worn away, and every day reduces our powers to a certain extent.' like the millions of other living things in the universe that were intended to die, the human too must die.  and we die a little each day.  coupled with the idea of our daily work, death then is synonymous with improvement.  and it is good that we are reminded of this thought: that we work and die a little each day; that we are ever marching to that ultimate fate and that we should love it.

as the human works and dies a little each day, he continues to strive for perfection
perfection in this sense is probably closer to virtue or excellence.  in the stoic sense, the human should be striving to become a sage.  after a lifetime of dedication and work, if the human has truly applied himself, perfection should be within his grasp.

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