Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Round 2, Day 2

For Wed. May 27

@ 6:10am - 2 tbsp of ELOO with water. 3 Acai berry and 1 fish oil capsules
@ 10am - SW
@ 11:30am - wheat crackers, 2 small apples, yogurt
@ 5:00pm - SW with 3 Acai berry and 1 fish oil capsules
@ 6:00pm - 2 bit-sized quesadillas
@ 6:20pm - ~3.7 miles jogging (very hot and humid)
@ 8:15pm - 4 bit-sized qusadillas, pita chips with hummace
@ 10:00pm - small bowl of ice cream ... it's gone ... no more temptation :-)

Round 2, Day 1

For Tue May 26:

@ 6:00am - 3 Acai berry & 1 fish oil capsules
@ 10am - ingested ~ 2 tbsp of sugar water
@ 11:30am - ate lunch (wheat crackers, yogurt, 2 small apples, water)
@ 3:00pm - ate small bag of mini cream cookies
@ 5:00pm - ingested ~ 2 tbsp of sugar water with 3 Acai berry & 1 fish oil capsules
@ 6:30pm - went on jog with wife and kids for 40 minutes
@ 8:00pm - ate dinner (two bread sticks, smoothies, can of V8)
@ 10:00pm - bowl of ice cream

I need to cut desert out of my diet for the week. I can accept eating ice cream on the weekends, but not during the week.

I also need to not eat late at night. With our family living so close to the lake park, we're getting home late and eating late. I'm really not hungry ... I just eat. So I need to be a litte proactive about filling that gap with something other than food.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Time to Get On Again and Stay On

I haven't been on the SLD for a few years now. I've attempted to get back on it a few times, but it's never stuck.

Lately, I've been trying to substitue fish oil capsules and some Acai berry capsules for ELOO, but I just don't think it is working. So I went to the site this morning and re-read the SLD review. It dawned on me what I was missing ... the calories. Fish oil capsules are only 10 calories, where as I need to be consuming 100-400 tasteless calories a day.

In that review, I read Stephen's comments about how he does SLD and it all seemed to come back. "Drink three tablespoons of sugar in a cup of water every morning at ten o'clock (with no other food or flavors, including mints, diet drinks or chewing tobacco) from 9:00 to 11:00 and two tablespoons of olive oil at 2:30 (with the same no food or flavors from 1:00 to 4:00) and see what has happened after a week."

His last update (on his blog) states that he's been on it for 3 years and he's gone from 245 to 168!

So as of today, I am at 214 (according to my new analog scale ... which I'll be using from now on). That is just 3 pounds shy of what I was back in April 2006 when I started the SLD. I've recently started a more "normal" job that has business day hours instead of shift-work hours. This means I can consistently work out and consistently focus on this "diet."

Which brings me to my next point ... the one thing I learned the first time I did this was that I should not stop with the SW/ELOO. It doesn't take much effort and I need to make it part of my life like breathing.

Here's the daily schedule:

@ 5:30am - workout in the morning (running, biking, etc.)
@ 6:30am - drink ELOO water along with fish oil and Acai berry capsules
@ 9:00-11:ooam - drink sugar water
@ 11:00am - eat lunch
@ 2:00-4:00pm - drink ELOO along with fish oil and Acai berry capsules
@ 6:30-7:00pm - eat dinner and do not eat anything after dinner.