Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A Few Pounds Gone

I had a great day on Monday as far as the diet goes.

This morning, I woke up a happy man after the Mavs won one of the most amazing NBA playoff series I've ever seen.

Basketball was a good workout. My plantar faciitis is managable. The inserts help a lot.

After basketball and a nice cold shower, I weighed in.

Same time, same scale with the towl.

WEIGHT: 211.1
Difference: 6.4 lbs since May 1, 2006

Yep, it's official now!

To be honest, I was quite shocked to see the scale tip from 210.9 to 211.1 when I got on it this morning. I was expecting 212 or something around there.

I am quite proud of myself ... yesterday was a co-worker/friend's last day here at work. We gave him a going-away party. The admins had cookies and ice cream. I resisted (eating the cookies and ice cream) and it wasn't hard.

A little commentary on the diet ...

Some might say that I just needed to cut calories and that I didn't need to do the whole Shangri-La thing. To them I say that the Shangri-La diet has given me greater control over my urges to eat. Yes, I am still "hungry" at times, but before doing this diet when I was hungry, I would impulsively eat. And when I ate impulsively, I would eat poorly. Some might say that it's all psychological ... it's all in my head. To them I say ... whatever works.

This diet has given me just the right control and incentive to lose those unwanted pounds. It helps me to discipline my eating habits. It is just what I needed.

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