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Stoic Reading

The Stoic Philosophy, as a Whole
  • (o, c) Hellenistic Philosophy by A.A. Long (review)
  • (o, ip) The Cambridge Companion to Stoics by Brad Inwood
  • (o, c) Stoicism by John Sellars (reviews: Intro, Logic, Physics, Ethics)
  • (d, ns) The Philosophy of Chrysippus by Josiah B. Gould
  • (o, ns) A New Stoicism by Lawrence Becker
Stoic Logic
  • (d, ns) Stoic Logic by Benson Mates
Stoic Physics
  • (d, ns) Physics of Stoics by Samuel Sambursky
  • (d, ns) The Nature of the Gods by Cicero
  • (o, ns) God and Cosmos in Stoicism by Ricardo Salles
Stoic Ethics
  • (d, ns) Cicero on Duties by M.T. Griffin
  • (d, ns) Hierocles the Stoic: Elements of Ethics, Fragments, and Excerpts by Ilaria Ramelli
The Stoic Philosophy, modern, ethics-based
  • (o, c) Stoicism and the Art of Happiness by Donald Robertson
  • (o, c) A Guide to the Good Life by William Braxton Irvine
  • (o, c) The Practicing Stoic by Ward Farnsworth
  • (o, c) The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman
  • (o, c) The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday
  • (o, ns) The Art of Living by Sharon Lebell
  • (o, ns) The Stoic Life by Tad Brennan
  • (o, c) 24 Stoic Spiritual Exercises by Massimo Pigliucci & Greg Lopez
  • (o, c) 20 Stoic Exercises for self-improvement

Marcus Aurelius
  • (o, c) Meditations by Marcus Aurelius (Martin Hammond / Diskin Clay) (list of my commentaries)
  • (o, c) The Inner Citadel by Pierre Hadot
  • (o, c) How to Think Like a Roman Emperor by Donald Robertson (reviews: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4)
  • (o, ns) Marcus Aurelius Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, commentary by Christopher Gill
  • (o, c) How to Be Free by Epictetus (A.A. Long)
  • (o, c) Enchiridion by Epictetus (Nicholas White)
  • (o, c) Discourses, Fragments, Handbook (Epictetus, Robin Hard, Christopher Gill)
  • (o, c) Discourses & Selected Writings by Epictetus (Robert Dobbin)
    • I like this translation a bit better than the above, but it is not a complete translation; parts of the Discourses are missing from this book ... as it states "Selected"
  • (o, ns) Epictetus: A Stoic and Socratic Guide to Life by A.A. Long
Seneca / related
  • (o, ip) Letters from a Stoic (Seneca, Robin Campbell)
  • (o, ns) The Complete Works of Lucius Annaeus Seneca by Seneca (Kaster, Nussbaum)
  • (o, ns) Dying Every Day: Seneca at the Court of Nero by James Romm
  • (d, ns) The Greatest Empire: A Life of Seneca by Emily Wilson
Musonius Rufus
  • (o, ns) The Roman Socrates by Cora Lutz
  • (o, ns) That One Should Disdain Hardships by Musonius Rufus, tr. Cora Lutz
  • (o, c) Lectures and Sayings by Musonius Rufus (Cynthia King)
Related or other Philosophy

o = own
d = don't own
ns = not started reading
ip = in process of reading
c = completed reading

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