Thursday, April 27, 2006

The First Time I Heard of the ...

... Shangri-La Diet was from a blogger over at the LDS Blogs site. I told my wife about it and she started trying it as well as her friend. They say that they don't feel so hungry and thus don't eat so much. I tried it for a few days, but with school and work, I just didn't think about it so much.

Now that his book is out (Amazon, B&N) I think it is time to put the diet to the test. This blog will document my journey from now until I reach my target weight. The day I reach my target weight is the day I stop frequently posting. After that, I'll provide a monthly update for 6 months to demonstrate if I can keep it off or not.

The links to the side provide plenty of reference material.

If you have a blog tracking your own progress with the diet, then post a comment and I'll add a link to your blog.

I am approximately six feet tall and currently weigh 217 lbs. as of 7:25am this morning. I've been as high as 240 lbs.

I should weigh 175 lbs. The last time I weighed that much, I was about 19. The last time I weighed under 200 lbs was December 1997.

My target weight will be 185 lbs.

My goal is to reach that weight and keep it off for at least 6 months.