Thursday, September 7, 2006

Recent Conclusions

I've arrived at a number of conclusions recently.

First, the Taylor scale I bought ... I'm not pleased with it. I've been comparing it to the gym scale and the only thing that is consistent about the Taylor is its inconsistency. The gym scale on the other hand seems to be reliable. So I'm bummed about that. But on the up side, I think I'll be going to the gym a few more days a week rather than to just play basketball. So I'll be using the gym scale more often.

Second, stated in mathematical terms, (opening weekend for college football ) + (1 bag of Doritos) + (1 gallon of ice cream) + (rainy weather) + (Labor Day holiday) = (pounds gained).

Third, another mathematical conclusion ... (healthy eating) + (minimal eating) + (exercise) + (drinking lots of water) = (pounds lost).

Fourth, the Shangri-la diet helps me control my eating urges. When I control my eating urges, I eat less and (usually) healthy.

This morning I played basketball. I did my official weigh-in too.
WEIGHT: 191.6
Difference: 25.9 lbs. since May 1, 2006 ... still averaging .2 lbs. a day.

This weekend I'm going to try to pig out less. I'm not buying Doritos or anything else. I'm going to try extra hard to avoid Tom Thumb and its ice cream selection.

I almost feel like I need Gandalf to do the same thing to my favorite ice cream and snacks that he did to the Balrog ... "You cannot pass. The dark calories will not avail you, fat of Cows. Go back to the supermarket shelf! You cannot pass."

Tomorrow I'll be going to the gym again. I've been considering taking up swimming and biking to supplement my running for my off-basketball days. So tomorrow morning I plan on swimming a few laps and then hopping on the bike. Eventually I would want to turn those workouts into a triathlon.

Anyway ... that is all for now.

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