Sunday, September 24, 2006

Explosion of Interest

I posted a video the other and day and now there seems to be an explosion of interest. I do not know whether or not the posting of the video and the increased interest are correlated or not. There are a lot of searches for and this blog seems to consistently pop up in the top 10 hits.

But anyway, here's a graphic on the stats for this blog ... lots and lots of hits between yesterday and today. Compared to last week, today was a deluge of hits.

This week, I'm committed to really sticking to the diet. I'm going to go back to the SW in the morning and WO in the afternoon. Since I've not been taking any WO in over a week now, my hunger urges have been strong and long. It's time to nip this thing in the butt and lost those last 4 pounds (or maybe more now!)

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