Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Another Milestone in my Quest

If you've been following me, you may know that breaking 190 has been tough. Breaking 200 took a while too. 200 took a little over a week to break. 190 took almost two weeks. I've been hovering around 191 since August 31st.

This weekend was a meat-eating weekend for our family. My wife seasoned some pork chops and I grilled them on the barby. Then on Sunday it was steak. We also had a gallon of 1/2-the-fat ice cream sitting in the freezer ... not good for me ... that's like putting a gallon of blood next to Dracula's bed.

Yesterday morning I went to the gym. I did 20 laps in the pool (each lap is about 25 yards). Then I headed upstairs and biked for 30 minutes. I didn't just peddle mindlessly. I worked hard ... upped the stress on the bike and made it into a real workout. I weighed in as usual. I was 191.5 ... basically the same as when I had weighed just a few days prior. So I was primed to break the 190 mark this morning. I had a good day of healthy eating yesterday too. I took the WO in the morning, ate about 3 cups of fried rice with vegetables and leftover steak bits. I ate one cup of lemon yogurt. Later that afternoon, a co-worker who is a big peanut M&M fan like me, offered me some new super-sized-pastel-looking peanut M&Ms. I took a handful and enjoyed. The reason they're bigger is not because of bigger peanuts, but more chocolate. They were really good. For dinner that night, my wife made a delicious French toast casserole. It was French bread broken up in big chunks mixed in with apples, dried cranberries and eggs. Then she cooked it in the oven and served it by pouring home-made butter-sugar syrup on it ... oh WOW! It was good. Then we had some chocolate cookies for dessert.

After dinner, I went shopping. I've lost about 6 inches off my waist. None of my pants fit. In fact, I can take my old pants off without unzipping or unbuckling them. So I bought two new pairs of pants and a few shirts. I had to get new belts too because I had to keep putting new holes in the old one ... so I had about 6 inches of slack and it didn't look too good.

This morning ... I played a solid hour of basketball. I had some really good games. I was really tired though. After a cold shower, I weighed in.

Same time of day, same scale, same towel.

WEIGHT: 189.5
Difference: 28.0 lbs. since May 1, 2006 ... still averaging .2 lbs. a day

4.5 lbs. to go! My projection puts my target goal at around the first week of October.

Also, today I figured out that in order to drink the recommended 1 gallon of water per day, I need to drink about 8 glasses of water ... the styrofoam cups at work hold just under 20 oz. There are 128 oz. in a gallon ... so that equals about 7 to 8 cups ... 4 in the morning, 4 in the the afternoon. Right now I'm doing about 5 a day.

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