Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Epictetus Discourses Book 3 Chapter 5 - some notes on "attitude"

One of Epictetus' students is ill and wants to go home; Epictetus teaches him a lesson on attitude.

While some want to die in the act of enjoying something they love (i.e. racing, travelling, etc), Epictetus wants to die in the act of improving his character.

He wants to be:
without complaint

If he falls ill, he will do so without complaining.

He will always have a smile on his face; ready to accept any fate assigned to him.

Socrates said, "One person likes tending to his farm, another to his horse; I like to daily monitor my self-improvement." (verse 14)

It is no small feat to "never accuse anyone, God or man, never to blame anyone, and to have the same countenance going in or out." (verse 16)

"Which of you has the same attitude?  If you did, you would gladly put up with illness, hunger and death." (verse 18)

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