Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Commentary on Meditations: B9:10-13

Man, god, and the universe all bear fruit, each in its own due season. No matter if common use confines the strict sense of 'bearing fruit' to vines and the like. Reason too has its fruit, both universal and particular: other things grow from it which share its own nature.

If you can, show them the better way. If you cannot, remember that this is why you have the gift of kindness. The gods too are kind to such people, and in their benevolence even help them achieve some ends - health, wealth, fame. You can do it too. Or tell me - who is stopping you?

Work. Don't work as a miserable drudge, or in any expectation of pity or admiration. One aim only: action or inaction as civic cause demands.

Today I escaped from all bothering circumstances - or rather I threw them out. They were nothing external, but inside me, just my own judgements.

Progeny is defined as "a descendant or the descendants of a person, animal, or plant; offspring."  Everything produces progeny.  Organisms, plants, animals and humans.  And the concept is not restricted to the physical sense.  People pass ideas and philosophy from one generation to the next.

Whenever possible, and with patience and understanding, we ought to show others a better way.  It follows, too, that when others think you can be shown a better way, you ought to listen.  Together, you and others can find the better way.  But the approach must be genuine and without guile (whether you are doing the showing or being shown).

Work is beneficial in so many ways.  It provides a purpose for the ones performing the work.  The work being performed is usually a service for others and makes the world a better place.  I think sometimes work is drudgery, while other times, work can bring an immense sense of accomplishment.  For my part, I work to provide shelter, clothing and food for my family.  My work also benefits the community by providing the fuel for the economic machines to work.

Lastly, you and I can join Marcus in not being bothered at all by circumstances.  All that is needed to accomplish this is to throw out the judgments that you are bothered at all by circumstances.

(see also Citadel p. 43, 225)

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