Monday, January 22, 2018

Commentary on Meditations: B10:13-14

As soon as you wake from sleep ask yourself: 'Will it make any difference to you if others criticize what is in fact just and true?' No, it will not. You have surely not forgotten what these people who whinny in praise or blame of others are like in their bed and at their board, the sort of things they do and avoid or pursue, their cheating and stealing, not with hands and feet, but with the most precious part of themselves, the part where - if allowed - there grows trust, decency, truth, law, the spirit of goodness.

Nature gives all and takes all back. To her the man educated into humility says: 'Give what you will; take back what you will.' And he says this in no spirit of defiance, but simply as her loyal subject.

Marcus clearly notes what matters: truth and justice.  It does not matter what others criticize.  If it doesn't stand up to the test of truth and justice, it deserves to be criticized and 'brought to justice.'  But if others are going to criticize truth and justice, then don't forget how petty these people can be - what useless things they pursue and care about.  They only cheat themselves of virtue.

Truly to amor fati you must love what nature gives and takes.

(see also Citadel p. 121, 265, 217)

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