Friday, December 1, 2017

Commentary on Meditations: B8:5-6

First, do not be upset: all things follow the nature of the Whole, and in a little while you will be no one and nowhere, as is true now even of Hadrian and Augustus. Next, concentrate on the matter in hand and see it for what it is. Remind yourself of your duty to be a good man and rehearse what man's nature demands: then do it straight and unswerving, or say what you best think right. Always, though, in kindness, integrity, and sincerity.

The work of universal nature is to translate this reality to another, to change things, to take them from here and carry them there. All things are mutations, but there is equality too in their distribution. All is familiar: no cause then for fear of anything new.

Your desires must align with the desire of the whole; this is the discipline of desire.  If you desire things that you have no control over, you will become discontented.  You must accept the fact that what happens in the Whole is reality.  And one key aspects of that reality is that all before you have died and their fate will be your fate soon.

As for your actions: it is your duty to be a good person (to help and serve others as best and as often as you can - especially those who you come in contact with).  Remind yourself of this duty often and be sure to carry out your duty.  Always be kind; always have integrity; always be sincere.

That only constant is change.  The universal nature of the Whole is to take things as they are now and change them into the next version.  Everything changes - including you.  Accept this; embrace change!

(see also Citadel p. 48, 210)

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