Saturday, December 16, 2017

Commentary on Meditations: B8:45-46

Pick me up and throw me where you will. Wherever I land I shall keep the god within me happy - satisfied, that is, if attitude and action follow its own constitution. Is this present thing any good reason for my soul to be sick and out of sorts - humbled, craving, shackled, shying? Will you find any good reason for that?

Nothing can happen to any human being outside the experience which is natural to humans - an ox too experiences nothing foreign to the nature of oxen, a vine nothing foreign to the nature of vines, a stone nothing outside the property of a stone. So if each thing experiences what is usual and natural for it, why should you complain? Universal nature has brought you nothing you can't endure.

What an amazing goal and perspective to have.  Is there any better definition of grit and tenacity than: "Pick me up and throw me where you will.  Wherever I land I shall keep the god within me happy"?  This house construction that is going on in my life right now; and all the errors made (bathroom faucet six inches too short; kitchen hood twelve inches too short; outlets not installed in the right spot; etc. etc.) - is any of that a good reason to be upset?  My heavens!  These are certainly first world problems!  Kids in Mexico are without a school and home and a city because of the recent earthquake.  The entire island of Puerto Rico is trying to get electricity back.  In the grand scheme of things, are these things any cause for concern?  No!  Does that mean you leave the errors?  No; but simply go about making arrangements to fix them and spend no effort or time wringing your hands over any of this!  No need to let your "soul ... be sick and out of sorts" over this mundane issue.  Annoying?  Indeed, but only if you allow it to be annoying.

This human experience is broad.  Much; so much, has happened to so many people.  If it can happen to others, it can happen to you and if and when it does, you must accept it.  You'd do well to heed Marcus' advice when he says, "Universal nature has brought you nothing you can't endure."  In other words, what life sends you, you can endure it.  If you can't, then leave this life.  But no need to complain.

(see also Citadel p. 265)

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