Wednesday, September 13, 2017

worlds colliding, end of world and dichotomy of control

some 10 year old kid told my two youngest kids about some september 23 end of world "prophecy" and they started worrying about it.  they also got this idea that some planet was going to come crashing into earth.  after a lot of discussion about how crazy these notions are, the conversation shifted to the stoic flow chart.

assuming there is some issue causing fear, worry, anxiety, then we ask the question: can i control this thing?

if yes; then develop a plan of action to address your fear, worry and anxiety.

if no; then think of things you can do to mitigate your fear, worry and anxiety.  if nothing else, the one thing you can focus on and control is your attitude.  you can choose to allow the fear, worry and anxiety to take control of your life, in which case you are suffering twice; or you can view this "obstacle" as a way through it and focus on what you can learn, how this thing will make you stronger or more resilient.  develop a plan to practice a positive outlook and attitude and then execute that plan.

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