Tuesday, February 3, 2015

the messages from the super bowl ads

the 49th super bowl was a fantastic game with an unforgettable ending.  besides the big game, the viewing of the super bowl ads and subsequent discussion of them is almost as entertaining.

i didn't get to watch every super bowl ad, but for those that i was able to catch, i tweeted, what to me, was the general message of the ad.

- drink soda; world peaces ensues
- buy deodorant and become a real, caring dad
- buy insurance and no accidents will happen to you
- eat fast food and your love for others will grow
- buy a car and become really wise and live a long time
- drink beer and your life will become a party
- you should do anything for a bag of chips

all the messages, to some degree or another, attempt to get each of us to be reactionary.  each ad subtly says, "do this, and life will be perfect"  each message attempts to sell something which cannot be sold.  each ad attempts to relate two totally unrelated ideas.

i thought i'd attempt to set the record straight for each of the ads i saw.

- if you want world peace, be peaceful and have charity
- spend quality time with your kids, listen to them, love them; if you want to be a real, caring dad
- slow down, be safe and thoughtful
- love others and your love will grow
- wisdom comes with experience
- spend time with those you love
- after you eat that bag of chips, you might regret it

we all need to seek real contentment.

i'm pretty sure you won't find much contentment in junk food, new cars, insurance or soap.

image source: businesscomputingworld

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