Thursday, December 25, 2014

when watching, watch. when eating, eat.

i took my two older kids to the movie the other day.  part of the experience for them is getting to eat unhealthy "food"

between the two kids, they had a big bag of greasy, salty popcorn along with a full-sized bag of mega peanut m&ms.

when they offered some to me, i passed.  however, about 3/4ths though the movie, i wanted to taste a couple of peanut m&ms.  after asking my daughter to pass the bag, she said they were all gone.  i was shocked!  she said her brother ate most of them!

after the movie, my son was sitting in the back seat of the truck and was complaining about a headache.  my daughter and i explained to him that this was because he ate a whole bag of sugar.  movies and junk food don't mix well for some.

as i thought of this on my walk this morning, i was reminded of the zen proverb "when walking, walk.  when eating, eat."

the point of this proverb and this story about my son is this: we need to focus on what we are supposed to be doing.

minimalism is nothing more than focus.

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