Wednesday, December 31, 2014

welcome hunger

first world nations have first world problems.  instead of fighting hunger, we fight fat.

one of the habits i wish to develop this year is to minimize my gut (and weight).

let me rewind to just before the beginning of august 2014.  prior to august, it was routine for me to "begin my weekend" by stopping at the store for a gallon or half gallon of ice cream.  i still remember one of my favorite kinds of ice cream: premium select michigan cherry cobbler.  if i bought it on a friday, it would be gone before sunday.

time and time again, my family would say i ate too much ice cream.  so while driving home from our vacation in august 2014, i decided to quit - cold turkey.  today, it's been 150 days since i've eaten any ice cream.

i'd like to say i've lost of ton of weight since i've dropped creamy dreamy from my diet.  sadly, i've only gone down a couple of pounds.

what has worked for me is intermittent fasting.  one of the obstacles of IF is dealing with hunger pangs.  hunger pangs are funny.  if feels like the world is going to end, but i know darn well that i won't die if i don't eat.  as i thought about how to deal with the pangs, a thought came to me.

"welcome hunger like a dear friend: with a warm cup."

hunger is a friend and should never be dismissed with saltiness or anything.  rather, it should be greeted and welcomed with a warm cup of herbal tea or simply warm water and lemon.

be mindful of hunger's presence, but don't dismiss him in favor of false friends who do no good.

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