Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Yellow Admiral by Patrick O'Brian

The Yellow Admiral was the best non-action book of the series.  There are very few battles in this book and they being quite mellow at that.  There is a lot of talking and contemplating in this book as well.  Much of the book takes place on land.

Again, I'm not sure if O'Brian is getting better and clearer in his writing as the series progresses or if I'm just use to his prose, but despite all the "talk" I understood pretty much all of it.

Jack does not necessarily become a yellow admiral, but it still seems to hang in the air at the end of the book.  Granted the book ends on an exclamation point, but the doubt persists.

The overall plot proceeds well enough along.  A few loose ends are tied up (Jack-Amanda Smith and Sophie finding out), Stephen getting his fortune back.  I quite enjoyed the chapter on Bonden boxing as well.

Another great POB book under the belt!

Three more to go!

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