Thursday, August 24, 2006

Another Side Effect?

So my grades from my Summer Semester came out finally. It turns out that Summer 2006 was my best term ever! I'm a B+ MBA student. But this term I earned 3 A-'s and 1 A.

What is significant about this is that I started the Shangri-La diet right end the end of April and the beginning of May. The Summer term started towards the beginning of May. So could the Shangri-La diet make one smarter too?

I'm half-joking when I ask that question, but that also means I'm half-serious. Maybe I'm not necessarily smarter by ingesting extra-light olive oil or walnut oil, but perhaps by losing weight I've gained confidence and thus am able to perform better in my classes.

Or maybe my better performance is due to the fact that I took two organizational behavior classes (generally considered easy) and one database class (I'm an IT nut, so it was easy). But I did take a tough finance course and I've only earned one other A- in all my other finance classes ... so maybe it was the diet.

Well, I have two more classes before I graduate in December ... one is International Financial Markets and the other is Advanced Master Negotiations. So if I perform well in these classes (A or A-), then maybe being on the diet and getting good grades has a correlation. Maybe Seth can use some students to test this theory! :-)

As for an update on the diet ...

TUESDAY: I played basketball of course, drank 12 fl. oz. of Mt. Dew, 1 dose WO, normal lunch (normal = cup of Goldfish crackers, Yoplait yogurt and 1 apple), 2nd dose of WO in afternoon, 1 SuperSonic cheeseburger and cream-slush before class and then two cookies before going to bed.

WEDNESDAY: 1 dose WO, normal lunch, 2nd dose WO, 4 homemade tacos and 1 cup of Dreyer's Double Vanilla ice cream.

THURSDAY: Basketball in the morning (had to cut it short 15 minutes as one of the guys tore a knee), 1 dose WO, normal lunch ... and since I'm writing this at lunch, I'll take my 2nd dose of WO at 3:30pm or so and then for dinner I'll probably eat leftover tacos.

After basketball this morning, I weighed in.

Same time of day, same scale, same outfit (dry towel):

WEIGHT: 193.3
Difference: 24.2 lbs. since May 1, 2006

So I gained .3 lbs. since Tuesday morning ... I still have to work that Sonic burger and those tacos out of my system. I'm not discouraged at all ... this has happened many times before along my journey.

My wife started the diet a few weeks ago. She told me that she has lost 2 pounds already! I'm excited for her!

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