Monday, November 27, 2017

Commentary on Meditations: B7:70-72

The gods, who are free from death, do not resent their need throughout all the length of eternity to tolerate in such numbers such worthless creatures as men: what is more, they even care for them in all sorts of ways. And do you, with the merest time before your own exit, refuse to make the effort - and that when you are one of the worthless creatures yourself?

It is ridiculous not to escape from one's own vices, which is possible, while trying to escape the vices of others, which is impossible.

Whatever the rational and social faculty finds neither intelligent nor to the common good, it judges, with good reason, beneath itself.

The social nature of humans requires the duty of tolerance and service.  At a basic level, the Gods took care to provide for humans by granting them a place to live and sustenance to live.  The Gods have endowed humans with the ability to reason and think and act.  In this way, they have cared for humans.  If the Gods, who are immortal, can provide for humans, why not you too (in your own way)?  This is your duty; this is the discipline of action.

You can overcome vices and live a life of virtue (wisdom, justice, courage, temperance).

Anything that is not intelligent or does not support the common good, should be beneath you.

(see also Citadel p. 268).

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