Friday, August 18, 2017

Commentary on Meditations: B4:51

Always run on the short road: and nature's road is short. Go then for the healthiest in all you say and do. Such a purpose releases a man from the labours of service, from all need to manage or impress.

When I read this passage, to me it says, "be genuine, as it takes the need for all superfluity and gratuitous, exhausting pride out of your life."  It also says to me, "being an honest representation of yourself is what others expect of you - what they assume about you.  This is nothing more than simple integrity - your actions and thoughts are aligned."

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  1. Love this quote. To me it says to live honestly, don't put up a front in other words just be your best self so you don't have the stress or anxiety of pleasing others or being a different person in different situations. Be you, be honest and be consistent.