Wednesday, March 1, 2017

february in review

starting weight: 191.2
ending weight: 189.8 (as of sunday feb 25)

big events
ben's bball season wrapped up; the HS big win over rival w/ last second shot.  beach trip w/ jeff, fno reviews all done, starting up listening to podcasts (mt, ms), time w/ family, record heat, copperhead bite

february was a month of gains and slight improvements and getting back to the schedule of things.

it ended with a bang when i was bitten by a copperhead snake.  i think this 'obstacle' will prove to be a boon in dealing with some medical issues i've been dealing w/ the last 10 years.  march will see to that.

february had the potential to be very busy with lots of deadlines and issues.  but i dealt with them with calm and focus.

the snake bite proved to me that stoicism is helping.  i cannot think that myself of a few years ago could have been dealt that 'obstacle'

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