Saturday, January 9, 2016

thoughts from this week

as i listen to meditations every day on my commute and as i try my best to practice stoicism, i keep thinking that i ought to do as marcus did and simply write my own version of meditations.  perhaps sometimes i can tweet my thoughts while others i can write on my blog.

two recurring thoughts from this week:

the impermanent nature of things; change is constant.  the brand new campus, on which i work, will one day be abandoned - therefore there is no need for awe.  everything new that is being built now, will one day be old like much of the roads and buildings i see today.

as marcus said (and i'm paraphrasing here), a 40 year old man has seen it all.

marcus also quotes epictetus who says (again, i'm paraphrasing) when you kiss your child at night, think that perhaps they will die the next day.  this helps to focus your thoughts on what's important now - in the present.  i did this this week with my children.

focus on the present.  i'm in a bad habit of leaving work on friday and immediately feeling depressed because i know the weekend will end soon and i'll be back to work on monday before i know it.  not only does this rob me of the present, but it seemingly defeats the purpose of having a weekend away from the normal monday - friday work.

to myself, i say, organize yourself friday afternoon and leave urgent affairs in a good position.  be prepared for monday and then leave work for the weekend; both physically and mentally.  then focus on the weekend and the matters of the weekend.

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