Saturday, April 4, 2015

a busy, simple life

i had one blog post in march.

as previously noted, i started a new assignment with my company.  my new assignment has been tremendously busy.  along with the longer hours at work, i also work in a different office location which has added an extra 30 minutes to my commute.  i'm now driving roughly two hours a day instead of one.

interestingly enough, i've never been happier.

longer work hours have solved at least one problem: boredom eating.

at the same time i began my new assignment, i started a new daily routine.  i get up at 4:30 in the morning, walk four miles, clean up, commute and then work from 7am until about 5:00pm.  on my way to work, i snack on a small bit of almonds.  for lunch, i eat an avocado and then on my commute home, i eat another little bit of almonds  by the time i get home, i only have time to help the kids with homework, eat a small dinner and then put the kids to bed.  on some days, i'm able to exercise a bit more after i arrive home.

this has been my routine the last four weeks.  i've lost 7 pounds, have more energy and have had greater focus.  before this new assignment, i would watch at least an hour of tv in the evening.  after the new assignment, i've watched no more than an hour of tv on the week days.

life is busy, but it is also simple.  it's work, family, exercise and sleep.

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