Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Goodbye September

Walking among the ruins of a long-abandoned church
I've been forced to examine
How I wish I could sleep; I'm tired but so shocked
By the voices of sweet children singing in the choir

I don't belong here, yet I'm compelled to stay
By the captivation of what use to be
And searching for something lost among the ruins
That would give me the peace I used to have

I swear it is here, but all are ghosts wanting company
And I can't tell who is haunting who
The signs were on the collapsing the door
But I was hoping they were confined

Now I hope it stands just a little longer

There sits a flashlight in plain sight
I turn it on and shine it on the ghosts
But the ghosts scream they don't need my kind
And so I point the light to the floor

The light takes me to the collapsing door
Sweet voices fade and the air cools
The light catches an orange leaf flit across the floor
September is dying

The grace of sweeping violins fills the air
Brighter light breaks, taking me back to happier times
I'm moving past this feeling; I'm going to write again
September is dying

Goodbye September

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