Sunday, August 2, 2009

Angels and Demons by Dan Brown

<a href=""><img style="MARGIN: 0px 10px 10px 0px; WIDTH: 206px; FLOAT: left; HEIGHT: 320px; CURSOR: hand" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5365545609356457970" border="0" alt="" src="" /></a> I read <u>The DaVinci Code</u> back in 2003, or whenever it came out, while we vacationed in Hawaii. I needed a book for the long flights and for the beach and it was popular at the time so I read it. Like many others, I watched the movie when it came out. Both the book and the movie were thrilling.<br /><br />When <u>Angels and Demons</u> came out, I had heard it was much darker than <u>The DaVinci Code</u>. I didn't have much interest, so I forgot about it. After the movie came out, my wife mentioned to me that she wanted to read the book. So while shopping at Target one night, we found the book and bought it. I flew through it.<br /><br />Overall, it was a decent book. I'd say the best part of the book was the middle. The middle chunk was much like <u>The DaVinci Code</u> ... wild chases, long dialogues about symbols and riddles ... the good stuff. But the beginning and the end just weren't that great.<br /><br />I noted that the action (and the point of reading the book) didn't begin until about page 150. As for the end ... it was a little unbelievable (more so than the rest of the book) and seemed like the end of the movie <a href="">Clue</a> where the endless train of suprises takes the pizzaz out of the whole book.<br /><br />Anyway ... I'm looking forward to watching the movie when it comes out on DVD. Should be a good flick to watch while munching on popcorn.

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