Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Ring In the New Year, Burn Out the Old Pounds

Christmas 2005 vs. Christmas 2006

We flew home to Idaho for Christmas in 2005. Along with all the warmth and memories that go along with being home for Christmas are all the chocolates, candies, cakes, pies, cookies, Doritos, popcorn, soda, egg nog and delicious food laying around the house just waiting to be eaten. Then there is that wonderful big screen TV with all the comfortable sofas to sit on while we watched movies and football games. It was a very memorable Christmas. I indulged and ate like a porker. I did not hold back at all. In fact, I kept telling myself that I'd be joining the gym in January and that all those pounds would just fall off once I started working out. Unfortunately I was missing half the idea ... not only did I need to work out, but I needed to control my appetite to eat.

Thankfully I stumbled accross the Shangri-la Diet and the rest is history.

So Christmas 2006 was a little bit different. This year we went to Florida. All those wonderful treats were there just like last year, but this year I was able to hold back a lot more. I did eat my fair share of cookies and chocolates, but it was nothing compared to the amount I ate last year.

Another Great Post By Seth

I was over at Seth Robert's blog this afternoon and read another great post about drinking olive oil. He cited come evidence about how ancient cultures followed some principals of the SLD. Go have a read ... you won't be disappointed.

A New Year, A New Goal

Yes it's a new year, but the goal really isn't new. The main goal is the same ... lose excess pounds. What is really important is that target weight ... 175 lbs. Yesterday I started the New Year on the right foot. I got up at 6am and played basketball for 150 minutes. Despite getting in a good work out, I didn't restrict myself at all as far as eating went. I ate some cold cereal, a couple of Taco Bell burritos and a bowl of popcorn while I watched the best college bowl game in my life (Boise St. vs Oklahoma).

Today we'll be going to the gym after work. So I'm getting off to a really good start.

My wife went to the gym yesterday and had a chance to weigh in. She was pleasantly suprised to see that she weighed the same as when we left for Florida two weeks ago. She was sure that she gained weight. I suggested to her that she didn't put on any pounds because the food we ate during the trip was "foreign" to our bodies. Either that or she burned a lot of calories trying to manage the kids in the car on our 15 hour car trip.

Best of Luck To You This Year

If you have put "lose weight" on your New Year's Resolution list, then I suggest you give the Shangri-la Diet a try. Start by reading through this blog and the Seth Robert's links to the side. The link entitled "Video About the SLD" is also a good start. Of course you can always buy the book and get all the info right from the horse's mouth. But I also encourage you to go visit his forum. There have been some significant developments in the diet since it first came out.

Another great resource is Stephen M's blog. I first found out about the diet from reading his blog. He has some pretty good advice as well as a consolidated list of advice on the subject.

So best of luck to you in 2007 and may this be the year you finally reach that goal of losing weight!

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