Monday, October 16, 2006

Another Milestone: 30 Pounds Later

An unbelievable turn of events occured this weekend. I headed into the weekend at 188.7 knowing that I wouldn't play basketball Saturday morning. I wasn't too concerned. I just figured I could get to the gym later in the day and work out.

My wife ran her errands in the morning. When she got home, I decided to head to the gym. Not really knowing what I'd do, I just hopped on the treadmill and started walking and listening to my music. I finally decided that I was going to do 30/30 on the treadmill and stationary bike instead of my normal 20/20. So I give it my all.

30 minutes later, I was feeling pretty good. I jumped on the bike and peddled. I was energized and feeling great. It was like the longer I worked out, the more energy I had which fueled me even more.

60 minutes later, I'm done with my whole workout. I head to the locker room and take a nice, long, cold shower. It felt great. It was around 11:30am.

I step onto the scale with just the towel 185.8 !?! I couldn't believe my eyes. So I put my clothes in my bag and then went back to the scale ... it was the same. I was shocked.

So then came the rationalizations ... I just sweat a lot ... lost lots of water ... it was the extra workout and so on and so on.

I went home determined to eat healthy this weekend ... but that lasted about 20 minutes. I pigged out. When I say pigged out, I mean compared to what I do during the week. But by no stretch of the imagination did I gorge myself all weekend. It was more like constant snacking. At night, I ate ice cream. Sunday was much the same.

So this morning I go back to the gym and did the same 30/30 workout. One thing that I've noticed ... after I finish playing basketball on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I'm really thirsty and tired. But when I do the 20/20 workout, I'm not so thirsty. But on Saturday and again this morning when I did the 30/30, I was just as thirsty and tired as when I play basketball ... so that 30/30 workout is more like playing basketball in that regard.

After showering, I step on the scale.

Same time of day, same scale with just the towel.

WEIGHT: 187.5
Difference: 30.0 lbs. since May 1, 2006

I am now 2.5 lbs. away from my goal (of course I was a mere .8 lbs. away on Saturday). But anyway, I'm zeroing in on the target ... it could be this week that it happens.

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