Thursday, July 20, 2006

20 lbs. Later

There's not much to say at this point. I seem to be humming along in my quest for 185. I consider a day like yesterday a big success.

I took two tbsp of WO in the morning and then drank lots of water. I ate lunch at noon. I had a banana, a cup of yogurt and some pretzels. In the afternoon, I took two more tbsp of WO. That night I ate a decent dinner ... beef sandwich, grapes, pineapple, carrots, olives and a bowl of ice cream.

This morning I played basketball. I injured by left big toe. My right big toenail, if you recall, was ripped from the skin a few weeks ago causing me extreme pain. The right toenail is going to fall off ... it's completely black. Well this morning, I did it to the other toe. Although not as bad as the right toenail, it still hurts. I took my shoe off after playing and my sock was bloody. So at least the blood is escaping this time and therefore it isn't so painful.

So this week I only had two minor injuries ... a blister on my right hand (from sliding on the floor) and my toenail.

So after playing, I showered and weighed in.

Same time of day, same scale with just the towel (I finally realized I was spelling towel incorrectly).

WEIGHT: 197.0
Difference: 20.5 lbs. since May 1, 2006

Only 12 lbs. left & six months holding it to complete this quest.

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