Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day and M&Ms

Today is Valentine's Day ... the day of love, lingerie, chocolate and cards.  I gave my dear wife her presents last night and today I'll give her a card.  She really loves almond M&M's and I really love peanut M&Ms.  So I bought her a bag of almond M&Ms and myself a bag of Mega Peanut M&Ms.

Have you seen and tasted the Mega Peanut M&Ms?  The MPMMs are huge!  They're almost like chewable jaw-breakers.  The colors are really interesting too ... they're toned-down colors instead of the Googly colors of the original PMMs.

I shared a few MPMMs with my co-workers.  One gentleman came back latter on to chat.  He sat down in the usually vaccant visitor's chair.  We chatted a bit about last night's basketball game and then he asked about the family and work.  All during the conversation, he kept looking around my cubicle.  Then I saw his eyes grow slightly bigger ... they were fixed on the bag of MPMMs.  Suddenly the conversation switched to how big and delicious those MPMMs are.  I agreed with him.  I noticed a bit of saliva form on the corners of his mouth.  He started to twitch his head as he stumbled on his words.

"What did you say?" I asked him.

"Would you .... uhh ... can ... ummm ... ahhh ... ey-ey...I have ... mmm ... <cough, cough!>  Uhhh ... could ..." he kept stuttering.

Then he stood up and walked around the desk.  He was shaking and his eyes were fixed on my MPMMs.  What happened next was all a blur.  His hand darted for my bag of MPMMs!  How dare he!  I tried to block his hand, but the next thing I knew, I was sprawled out on the floor holding an empty bag of MPMMs and my co-worker was grabbing MPMMs off the floor and stuffing them in his mouth ... chocolate saliva dribbling down his chin.  His eyes were wild; his hair disheveled and he was grunting and laughing under his breath.

I slowly stood up and looked at the herd of people gathered in the entrance of my cubicle; their faces in disbelief.  Once all the MPMMs were eaten, my co-worker darted out of my cubicle pushing people aside.

I opened the bag of MPMMs to see one lone, precious teal-colored MPMM.  I reached down and gently picked the small globe of chocolate.  I put it to my mouth and savored the last of my Valetine's Day treat.