Thursday, May 3, 2018

Epictetus Discourses Book 2 Chapter 15 - clinging vs. sound reasoning

"But we must stick with a decision."

Substitute the word 'decision' with words such as: culture, tradition, the way things ought to be.

So many people don't challenge their assumptions - including me!  We must challenge our assumptions with sound reason.

Epictetus responds to the person who says, "we must stick with a decision."

"For heaven's sake, man, that rule only applies to sound decisions.  I suppose next you will decide that it is night now, and refuse to change your mind because you don't want to.  You will repeat, 'We must stick with a decision.'  Begin with a firm foundation; evaluate your decision to see if it is valid - then there will be a basis for this rigid resolve of yours.  If your foundation is rotten or crumbling, not a thing should be built on it, and the bigger and grander you make it, the sooner it will collapse."

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