Sunday, February 18, 2018

Commentary on Meditations: B12:2

God sees all our directing minds stripped of their material vessels, their husks and their dross. His contact is only between his own intelligence and what has flowed from him into these channels of ours. If you train yourself to do the same, you will be rid of what so much distracts you. Hardly likely, is it, that one blind to the enveloping flesh will spend his time eyeing clothes, houses, reputation, or any other such trappings and stage scenery?

What truly is important and what matters is our mind.  Take away the home, the cars, the clothes, and even the flesh and body and what is left is the mind.  The mind, and the proper development of the mind, is what we ought to focus on.  What makes humans unique from all other living things, is the capacity to think and act on our own.  This is why I recommend to people that they need to focus on developing their mind first, instead of developing their body first.  On any given day, I'd choose to work with a dozen intelligent, rational people (but physically weak) over a dozen fitness fanatics and body builders.  Our intelligence is what has uniquely "flowed" to us.  Our bodies are simply a vessel and expression of the thought.

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