Thursday, February 22, 2018

Commentary on Meditations: B12:10-13

See things for what they are, analysing into material, cause, and reference.

What liberty man has to do only what god will approve, and to welcome all that god assigns him in the course of nature!

Do not blame the gods: they do no wrong, willed or unwilled.  Do not blame men either: all their wrongs are unwilled. No one, then, should be blamed.

How absurd - and a complete stranger to the world - is the man surprised at any aspect of his experience in life!

Food - you don't need it.  You can live off very little nutritious food.  Fame is fleeting and extremely temporary.  Even the local celebrities and managers at work, fade quickly and are entirely forgotten (O'Conner, Schmerbeck, Renard ... you can barely remember these names).  Your peers and even the ones behind you in years will soon be retired and left for obscurity.   Power - the same as fame.  Pleasures become dulled and boring.  Electronics too lose luster after mere hours.  Entertainment - utterly meaningless.  But, how often do you truly meditate and calm your mind?  Do you ever yearn for this?

True liberty is loving your fate - to do what god has assigned for you.  Think of that: if you love and embrace all that is sent your way, what worries would you have?  None!

No need to blame god for bad things.  The same for men, if you assume all are following a course they think best.  Life is opinion and preference.

You know bad men exist.  You know things that can go bad, indeed go bad.  So why are you surprised when they do?  The fault is entirely yours for not anticipating that and acting all surprised by it!  Grow a pair and accept all curve balls that are thrown to you.

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