Monday, August 21, 2017

Commentary on Meditations: B5:2-3

How easy it is to drive away or obliterate from one's mind every impression which is troublesome or alien, and then to be immediately in perfect calm.

Judge yourself entitled to any word or action which is in accord with nature, and do not let any subsequent criticism or persuasion from anyone talk you out of it. No, if it was a good thing to do or say, do not revoke your entitlement. Those others are guided by their own minds and pursue their own impulses. Do not be distracted by any of this, but continue straight ahead, following your own nature and universal nature: these two have one and the same path.

How wonderful it would be to so easily drive impressions from my mind!  Marcus says it so easily - almost with a wave of the hand.

I think the key, perhaps, is focus discipline practice - being mindful all the time, watching impressions and desires flit into your mind and then just observe them - acknowledge them.  Breath.  Then watch them flutter away as quickly as they came.

Allow yourself the freedom to do good; to say good.  You know the path; have the focus and discipline to follow after it.

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