Monday, March 6, 2017

Intro: Commentary on Meditations

The thought occurred to me earlier last week, while on one of my long early morning walks: read Meditations and commentate and share.

It is largely born out of a desire to teach and share stoic thoughts with my own family - my wife and four children.  Perhaps, this blog could "be there" for them at some future date when I am not readily available to chat with them.

It would also help me in my work to dissect and make Stoicism applicable to my own life - as I look for "affirmations" every day.

It would be open for feedback and discussion - should anyone wish to comment.

I don't see any downsides to my investing this time.

I will simply dive into this project and adjust as needed.  At first, I think I will largely try to fit each of Aurelius' passages into one of the disciplines of stoicism (assent, desire, action) or into one of the main categories of virtue (justice, wisdom, temperance, courage).

Should I have an experience to tell related to the matter, I'll do so.

Let's begin!

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