Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Commentary on Meditations: B1.5

5. From my tutor: not to become a Green or Blue supporter at the races, or side with the Lights or Heavies in the amphitheatre; to tolerate pain and feel few needs; to work with my own hands and mind my own business; to be deaf to malicious gossip.

to tolerate pain is impressive.  how many times have you seen someone who cries out in pain and in a sense it is a bit annoying.  there is a part of us that wants to be courageous when it comes to pain.  think of the times you've experienced pain.  sometimes you just have to endure it.  i've learned to try to "step outside of my pain" - to look at your pain from an outside perspective.  it helps me endure it better.

to feel few needs reminds me of another stoic thought from crates of thebes.  he noted that there is a scale of "needs" in people and all the way to the gods - who need little.  you can read this thought here.

learn to work with your hands; clean up after yourself.  do yard work, get dirty.  this will help you appreciate a career.

mind your own business - this could mean one of two things.  it could mean to "manage your own business - try to do much for yourself" or it could mean the traditional sense of don't be nosy.  in either case, it is sound advice.

deaf to malicious gossip - we do not have control over what others think or say.  so-and-so has said this about you - that is all. leave it at that.  hold no ill will and seek the higher ground.

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