Thursday, January 3, 2013

thoughts on fasting

so i did pretty well yesterday.  my goal was to not eat until 6pm.  i drank lots ... water, tea, crystal light.  i went on a walk early in the morning for 30 minutes and then on another walk in the afternoon for 30 minutes.  when i got back from the walk at about 4:45pm, i was really sleepy-tired.  by 5pm, i was in one of those dazed-in-a-trance states and i just sat on the couch.

a little after 5pm, i got off the couch, went into the kitchen and ate some chips and cheese dip.  then i ate dinner with the family at 6:30pm - we ate this ham-green olive-swiss cheese salad and some breadsticks and cheese hotdogs.  i had mostly salad with 3 small breadsticks and one hot-dog.  i then ate some almond roca candy.  i was satisfied and it was just before 7pm.

then about 90 minutes passes and all during that time, i'm feeling fine.  but right at 8:30pm, after the kids and i have been watching lotr:fotr, i get this itch.  there is no better way to describe it.  it's an itch to eat something. now, i would normally drink a lot of water or tea, but at 8:30pm at night, i really worry about having to pee at 1am in the middle of my sleep.  i've got to do something about at 8:30pm itch.

some potential solutions:
- drink tea; but maybe not in such a big cup ... and drink it while playing chess or doing tactics
- listen to music

the bottom line is i've got to just eat a simple dinner and then be done until 6pm the next day.

i'll see how tonight goes.  i think i'm going to try the smaller portion of hot tea if i get that itch.

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