Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Day 2

I didn't work out this morning ... kids were up because of thunderstorm and I didn't get much sleep. Not sure if I'll work out tonight.

8:55am - ~1 tbls walnut oil mixed with water

11:10am - Company-provided lunch at Red Hot n Blue. I had the Memphis BBQ sandwich with potato salad and a lemonade. I might be done eating for the day ... I'm stuffed.

6:15pm - 3 chocolate cupcakes, breaded chicken patty with salsa and a pickle.

7:15pm - 2 cups of mint cookie ice cream (it's finished ... no more ice cream)

10:00pm - 1 cup of yougut, totilla with peanut butter and jam and a swig of milk.

Didn't work out tonight ... needed to stay home with kids.

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