Friday, January 5, 2018

Commentary on Meditations: B9:22-23

Hurry to your own directing mind, to the mind of the Whole, and to the mind of this particular man. To your own mind, to make its understanding just; to the mind of the Whole, to recall what you are part of; to this man's mind, to see whether there is ignorance or design - and at the same time to reflect that his is a kindred mind.

Just as you yourself are a complementary part of a social system, so too your every action should complement a life of social principle. If any action of yours, then, does not have direct or indirect relation to the social end, it pulls your life apart and destroys its unity. It is a kind of sedition, like an individual in a democracy unilaterally resigning from the common harmony.

Alignment, oneness and reminder that we are all cosmopolitans (citizens of the universe).  Do your own duty by observing your own directing mind.  Observe and accept the directing mind of the universe.  Some will say this is accepting God's will, and others will say it is accepting their fate.  Regardless, whatever happens in this arena, you must accept it.  And lastly, by observing the mind of others, you can try to discern ignorance (if so, then teach) or design (if so, embrace and collaborate with).  We are all kindred, rational minds and spirits.

In the passage, Marcus reminds us to engage in society, and that engagement needs to be social and rational.  We are part of a society - a social structure.  Your actions, then, need to support and advance the social unity.  If there is disagreement, then civil, rational debate should ensue.  But to disengage and take an attitude of a dictator will do nothing but tear down social unity and structure.

(see also Citadel p. 214, 271)

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