Sunday, December 24, 2017

Commentary on Meditations: B8:57

The sun appears to pour itself down, and indeed its light pours in all directions, but the stream does not run out. This pouring is linear extension: that is why its beams are called rays, because they radiate in extended lines. You can see what a ray is if you observe the sun's light entering a dark room through a narrow opening. It extends in a straight line and impacts, so to speak, on any solid body in its path which blocks passage through the air on the other side: it settles there and does not slip off or fall. Something similar will be true of the flow and diffusion of the universal mind - not an exhaustible stream but rather a constant radiation. And there will be nothing forceful or violent in its impact on the obstacles it meets: it will not fall off, but will settle there and illuminate what receives it. Anything unreflective will deprive itself of that light.

Sunlight is constant and is undeviating.  Similarly the universal mind is constant and absolute in its purpose: virtue.  Marcus mentions this previously in book 6, passage 17.

Our actions and intent, too, should be direct and unrelenting in right actions.  We can be the light a world that needs it - in a world that needs love, kindness, courage, temperance and wisdom.  Our justice should be merciful and we can infuse teaching and correction in our quest to deliver consequences of wrong-doing.  Truly there is universal light in all, and we can do our part to bring that light out in others.  Like the sun, we can be the beacon of hope, warmth, enlightenment and wisdom.

(see also Citadel p. 241, 270

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