Friday, November 24, 2017

Commentary on Meditations: B7:62-63

All the time you should consider who are these people whose endorsement you wish, and what are the minds that direct them. When you look into the sources of their judgement and impulse, you will not blame their unwitting error, nor will you feel the need of their endorsement.

'No soul', says Plato, 'likes to be robbed of truth' - and the same holds of justice, moderation, kindness, and all such virtues. Essential that you should keep this constantly in your mind: this will make you more gentle to all.

Virtue (justice, temperance, courage, wisdom) is the sole good.  You can control how much virtue you exercise.  What you cannot control are others' endorsements.  You can do your duty, but you cannot control what others think of you.  Therefore, don't be bothered by what others think of you.

Our souls desire truth.  Our souls also desire justice, moderation, kindness and all the virtues.

(see also Citadel p. 68, 224, 268)

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