Monday, September 18, 2017

Commentary on Meditations: B5:21

Revere the ultimate power in the universe: this is what makes use of all things and directs all things. But similarly revere the ultimate power in yourself: this is akin to that other power. In you too this is what makes use of all else, and your life is governed by it.

Continuing with the idea of "the obstacle becoming the way", Marcus reminds us that our directing mind's ability to "make use of all things" and the ability of the mind to "direct all things" (i.e. taking any event or circumstance and making it work for you as opposed to thinking the event or circumstance is opposing you) is the ultimate power in the universe.  This power is in us.  We have the ability to view life and change and adapt our opinion to what is advantageous to us.

Comically, Wally & Asok get the idea.

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