Friday, June 30, 2017

Commentary on Meditations: B4:5-9

Death, just like birth, is a mystery of nature: first a combination, then a dissolution, of the same elements. Certainly no cause for shame: because nothing out of the order for an intelligent being or contrary to the principle of his constitution.

With such people such an outcome is both natural and inevitable - if you wish it otherwise you are hoping that figs will no longer produce their rennet. In any case remember that in a very brief time both you and he will be dead, and shortly after not even your names will be left.

Remove the judgement, and you have removed the thought 'I am hurt': remove the thought 'I am hurt', and the hurt itself is removed.

What does not make a human being worse in himself cannot make his life worse either: it cannot harm him from outside or inside.

The nature of the beneficial was bound to act thus.

In these five short passages, Marcus succinctly reminds us:

1. We are going to die - this is natural!  So don't freak out about something that is natural.  Furthermore, thinking of death often, helps you to appreciate what you have now and it helps you become more focused on living a high-value life.

2. Other people and their actions are out of our control - this is natural!  You know how a certain manager will act and behave - accept it and move on.  You know children will throw tantrums - accept and and teach them to control themselves.  You know a car salesman is going to try to sell you a car.

3. Those other people will die too.

4. You attitude of any situation is under you control.

5. Love your fate and the fate of the whole.

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