Wednesday, October 14, 2015

practice being in need of only a few things

while perusing a stoic blog today, i came across this post.

in that post, there was a quote.  i searched this quote and found the full quote at this link.

here is the quote by crates of thebes:
practice being in need of only a few things, for this is the closest thing to god.
for the gods need nothing.  but, so that you may learn more exactly what is involved in having few needs ... reflect that children have more needs than adults, women than men, invalids than the healthy, and, in general, the inferior everywhere has more needs than the superior.  therefore the gods have need of nothing and those nearest to them have the fewest needs.
it is a worthy pursuit, in all aspects of life, to need little.  in possessions; in entertainment; in clothing; in food.

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