Tuesday, October 7, 2014

front row seat

lights glitter and gleam from the façade so grand
exhilarating anticipation fills the air as people enter the theater
people dressed exquisitely with precision
nothing out of place

socialization abuzz, a sea of beautiful people
cacophony of voices of what is new and what is seen
the air wafts of sweet gold
rich beyond compare

my destination is the grand hall
which anchors the back of the theater
i cut my way through the crowd
and let drip off me the sociality

the corridor is long and wide
the red and gold walls royally stand
fellow travelers move toward their destinations
clamor … chatter … whispers … quiet

majestic doors with ornate knobs
a gentle turning; an enormous heavy swinging
the hall is wide and warm and glowing
but seats are empty

i swim in the air and move toward the front
doors, fantastic barricades close
then collapse under their own weight
thunder astonishing

a front row seat, perfect view of stage
red curtain as wide as the sky
opens, revealing the mirror of the world
revealing all who are seated in the hall

i turn to see them, but none are there
astonished I watch the reflector
yet I don't see my reflection
there is no way to enter

people socialize, discuss, then debate
people debate, conclude, then argue
people argue, lie, then fight
people fight, fight and destroy

the hall unravels
chairs unhinged

front row seat to the end of the world

chaos reaches a fevered pitch
a crack appears across the mirror
veins spread
explosion of glass and shards fly at me

all is quiet, except for the crisp air
gleaming, pure light enters the hall
blue, green, yellow perfection
my eyes adjust and I awake

placing my hands and feet on the stage
all my skin is cut and bleeds
but my focus is on the other side
i no longer wish to hide

i reach for the hand of the resurrector

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