Thursday, November 7, 2013

samorost 1 & 2

about ten years ago, i came across a really neat and addicting game called samorost.  i had forgotten what the name of the game was and i spent the last couple of days digging around for it.  i finally had to search top game lists from the last ten years before i found it.

i replayed samorost 1 today ... it took me 10 minutes.  i remember playing it the first time and taking me much longer.

i plan to dink around with samorost 2 later this weekend.  this game came out a couple of years after samorost 1.  i can't remember if i played it or not.  i'm thinking i did.

in further research, it appears a much larger and longer samorost 3 is set for release in the near future (link).

if you dare, you too can check out samorost 1 and samorost 2.

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