Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Moving Towards the Home Scale

I bought a scale at Wal*Mart a couple of weeks ago. The scale is made by Taylor. I chose the low-end Taylor scale because all I needed was a scale that measured weight ... not body fat or body water ... just weight. Taylor seems to pride itself on being accurate. So far, I'm pleased with the scale.

Of course I became curious about how far apart measurements are between my gym's scale and our Taylor scale. Tuesday morning I put on my basketball clothing, socks and shoes, then I weighed myself on the Taylor. I made sure I didn't drink or consume anything before weighing myself on the gym scale. I weighed myself on the gym scale and found that there is a 1.1 lbs. difference between the gym scale and the Taylor. Whenever I weigh myself on the Taylor, I need to subtract 1.1 pounds to arrive at my gym scale number.

Now I've only tested this once. Tomorrow I will test the scales again. I'll continue to test the scales over the next few times I go to the gym. After getting a few samples, then I'll feel confident about weighing myself on the Taylor scale.

Why am I doing this? First, because I may eventually quit the gym and will end up using the Taylor scale. So I want the transition in weights to be accurate. I'm a nutcase ... I like correct data. As long as the two scales are about a pound apart, then I'm fine with using the Taylor for my official weight.

Secondly, I'm running on non-basketball days and I want to use the Taylor to weigh myself after the run.

I went running this morning ... it was beautiful outside ... the heat has broken here in Texas. It was 64 degrees at 6am. After a good 3 mile run I weighed in on the Taylor.

Unofficial Weight: 193.0 (Taylor) 191.9 (adjusted to gym scale)
Unofficial Difference: 25.6 lbs. since May 1, 2006 (adjusted)

Tomorrow I'll have more data as well as an official weigh-in. Eventually my official weigh-ins will be on the Taylor.

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